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This was my leg day filmed on December 5th, 2020, when I was 2 weeks out from the Texas Cup Bodybuilding show. Combining body weight (plyometric) movements with weight training, this workout will show you how to maximize tension for growth, strength, and getting the definition you want in your legs, all in one workout. This is actually part of a series I’m releasing soon walking you through 4 weeks worth of behind the scenes content to show you what it takes to get the physique you see on stage.

Broad Jumps (50-100 yards) Down and Back
Hi-Knee Lunge Jumps (50-100 yards) Down and Back
Duck Walks Forward (50-100 yards) Down and Back
Backwards Duck Walks (50-100 yards) Down and Back

Arsenal Strength Power Squat
4-5 Sets x10-15 Reps (Include pause reps and baby reps throughout the range of motion)

Nautilus Glute Drive
4 sets x10-15 Reps (Pasue for 3-5 Seconds at the top of the range of motion)

Arsenal Strength Pendulum Squat
4 Sets x10-12 Reps (Pause & Baby reps if you can)

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