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Journey to the Peak of physique


Body Mountain is here to guide you up the mountain, we climbed it many times, taking many paths. Fitness is a lifestyle. And no matter who you are, our Body Mountain Guides are here to help you, and show you all aspects of fitness to meet your goals, then before you know it, you will realize you've reached the top, but discover there is yet another mountain to climb. The journey has just begun.

Reidland Tucker

I love fitness. It is, and always will be a part of my life. I immersed myself in it, knowing it was an area of my life I wanted to be excellent in, even if that meant for a period of time, it was the main focus, because I knew on the other side of it, my life would never be the same and it will continue to make me a better man, as well as inspire and motivate others to succeed. God+Film+Fitness+Dallas+Vision = Reidland. Proverbs 29:18: “When there is lack of vision, the people cast off restraint.”

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