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Body Mountain

Do you feel like you hit a plateau with your fat loss or muscle building? This may be your answer.

An off-the-cuff video breaking down intermittent fasting with some of the hormonal and practical benefits it can bring to your lifestyle, nutrition, and overall health.

In this video, I show you my personal favorite, a 16-8 split. Fasting for 16 hours and getting all of your calories in within an 8-hour window. Sipping on BCAAs, having CLA, and caffeine, during a fasted state is really going to help your body stay in a ketogenic state. Where your body breaks down fats into ketones, and uses that as energy.

You will find that you have more energy, better focus throughout the day, and really help balance out your hormones; like resetting your insulin sensitivity, increasing growth hormone, and even lowering estrogen if needed. Also, many practical benefits like not having to eat every 3 hours.

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